Building the Future of Fashion
with AI & Frictionless Design

Native Apps

Share Shoppable
Outfit Collages →

iPhone App
Helping fashion creators monetize their vertical videos & photos with smart editing tools

Chrome Extension
Access & manage your Collag account from a desktop browser

Instagram Add-on
Instantly make any Post or Reel shoppable by linking it to a Collag outfit

Blogs & Websites

The Web's Most Detailed
Celebrity Fashion Blog →

A collaborative blog implemented as a responsive PWA using our custom CMS

Modest Fashion's
Modern Home

Shop products from 2,900 retailers, and filter by modesty using our text & image-based ranking algorithms

Retailer Plug-ins & APIs

NLP-powered conversion
uplift for mobile retail

• lift conversions by up to 30%
• priced by API call
• integrate with one line of JS

Help site visitors search associatively by tapping brands & details in any product title / description

Add precise associative search results to any on-site text search box

Add associative search to existing chat bots, via FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Intecom, Hubspot & more

Email & SMS
Send ultra-personalized messages based on users' prior interaction with associative search

Shopify Plug-in
Add all associative search features to your Shopify store with our plug-in